Zankyou no Terror Episode 10 Preview


Listening to Trigger song this time

nine nine nine nine please don’t

Artist: Ratatouille

Kuroshitsuji | | Sebastian Michaelis
Caps  | | Coloring 
Shingeki no Kyojin edited scenery [4/?]
To you, 7 years from now.
"It’s like I’ve been having a long, long dream."
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3/10 funniest moments from Kuroshitsuji manga | Ciel getting ready for boat parade


冬の妖精たちが 輝き舞い降りてくる
何もすることないから 笑顔の写真くちづけた

This is the first time drawing them together, I should do it more often. 

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Twelve just wants a tragic relationship, Nine. 


With one's heart and soul.
Merry Christmas, Lola!  (^▽^)
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Hurry. I'm waiting.
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